The Beginning

An original backer of Star Citizen, Duox has been following the developments of Star Citizen very intently. The Cosmo Kraken Privateers began back in January 2014 as a joint start-up between Duox and Wyn. The group settled on privateering and protection services as their focus of operations. From the beginning, the leadership set out to build the finest privateer fleet the galaxy has seen. Membership has consistently increased, with quality members joining daily. Rounds of War Thunder to practice techniques and to build cohesion are commonplace in waiting for further content. With the release of Arena Commander, we have flown together regularly to hone their skills and to provide feedback on development. The Cosmo Kraken Privateers have a Youtube channel, where you can check their exploits with regular updates. A Twitch channel is available where action is regularly streamed. 
The future of Star Citizen and the Cosmo Kraken Privateers is as bright as ever.

We are regular gamers, with no hardcore restrictions on our members and no roleplay requirements. All we ask is you uphold our name. We are relatively fluid in our role in the universe as changes occur in the future plans of Star Citizen. We are looking for more quality candidates to join our ranks and share in the glory.