The Code of the Cosmo Kraken Privateers:

I. No man shall disobey the commands of Officers.
II. No man shall be found guilty of disloyalty, disrespect, desertion, or double crossing.
III. No man shall bringing shame or dishonor to the CKP.
IV. No man shall be found guilty of hubris, such that he endangers the CKP.
V No man shall be found guilty of excessive inebriation during critical operations.
VI. No man shall rescind on his word to the organization without consulting Leadership. There shall be honor among thieves. 
VII. If any man shall seek pardon for past crimes, Leadership may grant amnesty at their discretion.
VIII. You are a Cosmo Kraken Privateer. Act like it, or you will be exiled or eliminated.

IX. Credits are temporary. Brotherhood is forever.

Our Direction

The vision of the Cosmo Kraken Privateers is to work as a band of renegade pilots who will raid, make profit, and have fun. To make this vision a reality, we have established clear, concrete directions. As experienced privateers, we take on dangerous challenges and missions which other organizations shy away from. The Cosmo Kraken Privateers focus in three particular play styles.

  1. Raiding. A great deal of money can be made off those foolish enough to venture into our territory. Those that defy rationality will be ransomed of their goods and lives. The traders and miners who take this risk will have a choice: pay for safe passage or release their cargo. Failure to comply will end in obliteration. Compliance guarantees safe passage.
  2. Defense. Those who are wise choose the Cosmo Kraken Privateers as escorts to protect them to their destination. Our fleet is powerful and capable of handling any variation of threat. The Cosmo Kraken Privateers are fiercely protective of those under their aegis.
  3. Smuggling. The talents and fleet lend themselves to expert smuggling operations. We deal in specialty goods which few others are bold and powerful enough to transport.

As our fleet grows, so too do our ambitions. In the future we may establish their own mining and production systems.

Our Goals

The Cosmo Kraken Privateers are and will continue to be wealthy; that is assured. Our natural talent and prowess earn copious amounts of credits. We set aside some of these profits for achieving more advanced goals. Our current goals include:

  • Obtaining and utilizing a flagship Corvette or higher. We are looking to obtain a capital ship to serve as a flagship for our fleet. It will provide the firepower to take down more entrenched enemies, and will be a rallying point for our fighters, bombers, and other space-superiority gunships.
  • Maintaining a parts insurance fund. The Cosmo Kraken Privateers respect those who lost equipment fighting for our cause, however rare that occurrence may be. Some of our funds will go towards replacing parts that may be too exotic to insure or are high-cost losses.

The Cosmo Kraken Privateers will always strive towards higher plane of achievement. This is only a partial list of what we will and can achieve. The future holds more.