What We Do

The Cosmo Kraken Privateers primary goal is to have fun, by achieving maximum profit and .

We are a band of pirates conducting raids with the intention of making financial gain. Primarily, we target larger-scale operations in groups; taking smaller marks should the opportunity for profit present itself. We make a point of not terrorizing, rather focusing on making maximum profit.

We also function as freelancers. Though the syndicate identifies itself primarily as a band of renegades, we take mercenary jobs provided the credits are good. The Cosmo Kraken Privateers take our commitments very seriously, and will protect their contractor’s cargo as if it were our own.

Cosmo Kraken Privateers also work together in PvE.


How We Operate

All Cosmo Kraken Privateers retain their individualism, and if an operation or raid is not in progress members are free to traverse the galaxy at their pleasure. Membersj are still, however, encouraged to travel in convoys of no less than two ships both for security and strength. A lone pirate is a dead pirate.

Teamwork is important in raids and operations. Members are expected to cooperate and make concerted efforts to play an active role in syndicate activity. We fight smart. In order to succeed, sound strategy will be critical.


Who We Recruit

The Cosmo Kraken Privateers’ strength lies in its diversity. Members comes from all backgrounds and walks, their qualification lies in their ability to cooperate. Pirates are held to a certain level of maturity.

Officers are selected very carefully and are expected to go above and beyond the call of an ordinary member. Active members who consistently participate will be rewarded with higher star-levels.

We are regular gamers, based on the East Coast but recruiting members from all timezones. Real life is always the priority. We understand this. We expect members to make an effort to take part in syndicate operations. However, we will not flay you for failure to attend.